Friday, July 13, 2012


A friend recently recommended that I sign up The Daily Love, described as a "FREE daily e-multivitamin for your soul!" Some days have spoken to me more than others, but today's really struck a chord, so much so that I thought I'd share a blurb that is pretty much rocking my world right now. (FYI I changed "The Divine" to "God" because that's how it speaks to moi. Also fixed a major grammatical error - who's vs. whose = major pet peeve.) Merci, Mastin. I needed this.

"So whose approval or permission do you think you need to live your dreams? Make a list. And then realize that the only person’s approval or permission you need is your own. Give yourself permission to live your calling, your purpose and your dream. God gave it to you so express in this lifetime. Giving yourself permission to be yourself is the best way to let God guide your life – because that’s why He created you."



Rachel said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the daily love :) xo

xiaoye said...

like a issue of fact,. how ironic that a guy who wants us to drop the Rhianna issue does mac wholesale all he can to keep it alive craves fame this much?. For that flawless look Ponds of HLL and Oil of Olay of P G, quite openly challenge the seven-day test with a money-back guarantee..

Alice said...

Love this quote. I need to get me some Daily Love. x

Aaron Grey said...

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